Automatic monitoring for the price of manual measurements

Automatic monitoring for the price of manual measurements

Automatic monitoring for the price of manual measurements

Smart way of monitoring diaphragm walls


Inclify provides full control of displacements and strains of inclinometer columns. It gathers data from measurements 24/7 and makes them available in a clear form of charts, reports and statistics. This is the first solution that, for the price of manual, periodical measurements, provides all functions of automatic monitoring systems - any number of measurement sessions, access to on-line data and an alert system based on fixed thresholds.

  • Automatic monitoring for the price of manual measurements
  • Real-time measurement results
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Clear and easy to interpret charts and reports

Inclify is the first automatic system of inclinometric monitoring at the price of manual measurements. Continuous measurement of diaphragm wall displacements in a simple subscription - without investment and maintenance costs of expensive measuring equipment. It's a top-of-the-line monitoring system available on demand when it's needed the most. Affordable subscription includes: any number and frequency of measurements, access to on-line results, readable automatic reports, statistics and charts, as well as sms and/or e-mail alarms on exceedances of user-defined limit values. Measuring equipment, installation, maintenance? All will be taken care of by experts.

Advantages of automatic inclinometric measurements

Saving time and money

Low monthly fee regardless of the frequency of measurements. The higher the number of measurements, the greater the benefit of Inclify - compared to manual measurements.

Easy to order

Clear rules, simple budgeting, initial subscription calculation and an online order form. Installation possible within 48 hours of an order being place.

Reliable source of information

Automatic measurement of horizontal displacements along the entire length of the inclinometer tube in one (standard) or two (optional) planes. Measuring range: ±15°. Accuracy: ±0.1% f.s.

Alarms and notifications

Automatic control of horizontal displacements of diaphragm walls. Signalling of events when user-defined limit values are exceeded.

Legible reports and statistics

Easy on-line access to clearly presented data. Printable report templates sent automatically by e-mail to any number of authorised persons.

24/7 support

Measuring equipment, installation of sensors in inclinometer pipes, data security, inspections and maintenance of the system - all within one subscription.

Measurement of vertical displacements

In the "horizontal" version, the Inclify system enables automatic measurement of vertical displacements, e.g. across or along road, rail or river embankments, to control their settlement.

Any type of inclinometer casing

The specially designed guide system makes the Inclify suitable for both classic plastic inclinometric pipes and square steel pipes.

Accuracy and repeatability of measurements

The Inclify is built on top class sensors and does not require moving the sensor along the guide, which increases repeatability and eliminates accidental pipe contamination errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inclify's inclinometer monitoring system uses MEMS sensors (micro-electro-mechanical). The sensors are placed in probes, which are connected to each other in sets. These inclinometric chains are placed in the inclinometric pipes, installed in the diaphragm walls. Data from each set is sent to the recorder located on the construction site wirelessly, which eliminates the problem with cabling. Inclinometers are battery-operated, while the recorder requires a 230V power supply. The recorder sends data via a GSM network to a measurement server, where they are processed and analyzed. The whole system has been designed by SHM system engineers in such a way that after connecting the sensors in the measuring chain and placing them in the inclinometer tube, the system configures itself and connects with the recorder. From this point, the sensor data is visible on-line after logging in to the measuring platform.

Yes, if the number of planned measurements is large enough. For example: if sessions are scheduled every week, Inclify will be cheaper than manual measurements after just 10 weeks.

As a standard, we have provided the possibility of installing up to 80 probes (sensors) with a length of 1 m in one inclinometer pipe. The number of inclinometer pipes (inclinometer sets) on one construction site is not limited. If it is necessary to install more sensors in one pipe, or if you are interested in bidirectional sensors - please contact our technical department.

Displacements of diaphragm walls that are dangerous for the surrounding buildings, are those in the direction of the excavation (perpendicular to the wall plane). Displacements in the wall plane are negligible. Therefore, in our standard solution, we perform measurements of displacements in the plane perpendicular to the cavity wall, because only they need to be monitored.

Information materials

All the advantages of our system have been gathered in one comprehensive document available for download below.

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